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Transformice Cheats

In Transformice you control a mouse whose goal is to try and return with the cheese faster than all of the other mice. You are assisted by a (point based) Shaman, who has the ability to summon various physics-based objects to help the mice get the cheese and get back safely.

This is the latest working Transformice Hack cheat tool which have the following cheats features:
- Fly Hack
- Speed Hack
- Invisible Hack
- Fraises
- Fast adder cheese
- Free items from shop
Updated on: 2018-05-26
This tool has been updated on 2018-05-26. New layout design added. Server connection problems resolved.
Transformice Cheats
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Is this a working file?
 20:31:59 guest_2922
I have just downloaded and works for me!
 20:55:59 guest_1010
I do not know how to download, I have a promo code but it does not work: (
 21:24:59 guest_2922
Works fine, choose "regular download"
 21:51:59 guest_43910
I have a file - anyone want? email me at Tomas.Eisenberg [at] gmail.com
 22:27:59 guest_3289
It worked, I downloaded! Is virus scan included?
 23:24:59 guest_43910
It's in the package - 0/0 so do not worry
 00:05:59 guest_12983
Help! How to download or can someone send me the file to an email?
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Transformice Cheese Hack

This is Transformice fraises hack, cheese, fly hack, speed hack, teleport hack, france, brasil, [July 2013] works on all transformice servers!

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