Tanki Online Crystal Adder

Tanki Online Crystal Adder



Tanki Online Rank Hacker (knowns also as Tanki Online Crystal Adder) is a unique tool that allows you to edit the values transmitted in data packets. By applying this innovative solution you can edit the amount of crystals and Experience Points. Now you can buy any weapon and get any ranking in a few minutes! And all this without the possibility of detection by moderators (if you use Tanki Online Rank Hacker according to the instructions).



Important! This software is not intended for public use. 



How to correctly use Tanki Online Rank Hacker:

– Log in to your account Tanki Online
– Start any of the battle
– Press the “P” – pause
– Scan packages
– Change the value
– Send the modified values
– Log out of the game, wait 3-5 minutes
– Log in again

You can see all this steps in Video Proof below:




Tanki Online Rank Hacker

Tanki Online Crystal Adder Features:

– add unlimited amount of XP Points (rank up in few minutes)
– add unlimited amoud of crystals (diamonds)
– undetectable if used cautiously



Tanki Online Crystal Adder

Tanki Online Rank Hacker allows you to achieve any rank by having a sufficient number of points. To avoid account banning use it wisely and do not add too many points in a short time.

It is better to add a smaller amount every day, than to jump a few ranks in 15 minutes!

As far as the crystals you can add any number and buy any equipment for your tank!

Do not change watrości in the “Login” and “Speed Ratio” because packages are not properly transmitted, and the changes will not take place.


To help you achieve the rank below you will find the number of points that corresponds to the various ranks:

Recruit 0
Private 100
Gefreiter 500
Corporal 1 500
Master Corporal 3 700
Sergeant 7 100
Staff Sergeant 12 300
Master Sergeant 20 000
First Sergeant 29 000
Sergeant-Major 41 000
Warrant Officer 1 57 000
Warrant Officer 2 76 000
Warrant Officer 3 98 000
Warrant Officer 4 125 000
Warrant Officer 5 156 000
Third Lieutenant 192 000
Second Lieutenant 233 000
First Lieutenant 280 000
Captain 332 000
Major 390 000
Lieutenant Colonel 455 000
Colonel 527 000
Brigadier 606 000
Major General 692 000
Lieutenant General 787 000
General 889 000
Marshal 1 000 000
Field Marshal 1 112 200
Commander 1 255 000
Generalissimo 1 400 000


How works Tanki Online Crystal Adder?
Follow this steps:
-Download Tanki Online Crystal Generator file
-If you still haven’t Tanki online account go to tankionline.com and create one
-Run game and enter P for pause and run program
-Run Tanki Online Crystal Adder
-As soon You follow adder intructions crystals will be added to you account
Enjoy in free crystals ;)
Tanki Online Crystal Generator has a buil in flood protection so after you add crystals on an account you have to wait 30 minutes before you try again.
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